Terms & Conditions

Member Verification:
1. Passengers 12 years old and over are eligible to join the Air Macau Club free of charge and to participate in all frequent flyer programs.
2. The member must fill out and sign an application form to indicate willingness to accept the rules and requirements of the Air Macau PhoenixMiles Frequent Flyer Program, and to abide by any future changes or additions.
3. This program will not accept joint applications or any similar applications of more than one person, nor will it accept multiple applications by the same person.
4. Air Macau has the sole right of ownership of the membership card. Qualified frequent flyers retain only the right of individual control, use and benefit. The card may not be arbitrarily used or transferred to others.
5. In the following cases, Air Macau shall retain the right to terminate the member's eligibility and suspend the use of the card and its benefits:
● The member violates any of these terms and requirements.
● Any fraudulent activity is discovered.

If any of these cases occurs, Air Macau will not be responsible for mileage compensation.

Mileage Accumulation
1. The accumulated mileage of each member will be recorded in the member's account. The account number is the same as the member's card number. Neither the mileage points nor the account number may be transferred or used jointly. The mileage points are not exchangeable for cash.
2. Mileage points flown prior to membership in this program will not be added to the member's account.
3. In order to assure that the member's mileage points are accurately recorded into the member's account, the Club membership number should be given when booking a seat, and the member card should be presented to the agent at check-in.
4. "PhoenixMiles" mileage points earned by the member will be based on TPM, TPM means the mileage between the points of origin and destination printed on the ticket.
5. The following types of tickets or ticket price categories are not eligible for "PhoenixMiles" mileage accumulation: Air Macau free tickets, infant tickets, children tickets and other tickets not deemed suitable by Air Macau for mileage accumulation.
6. Each flight or purchase may only be recorded in one frequent flyer program. If the member attempts to record the mileage points in more than one program, the mileage points will be cancelled.
7. Air Macau has final authority over which members are eligible for mileage points. If a member obtains free mileage in violation of the terms and conditions, Air Macau reserves the right to cancel the mileage awards at any time.

Mileage Awards
1. The Club member will be responsible for any taxes or fees legally incurred according to government rules in association with mileage awards.
2. Award flights redeemed from mileage must be on actually carried flights by Air Macau or flights of designated partner airlines.
3. Mileage and related awards acquired illegally or in violation of these terms and conditions will not be honored.

1. Air Macau reserves the right to revise or terminate this program at any time without any prior notification, even if such revision or termination influences the member's mileage accumulation or awards privileges.
2. If any "PhoenixMiles" partner changes address or terminates the partnership, Air Macau and its partners are not obligated to inform members of the changes, and will not be held responsible for the changes.
3. Members are asked to inform Air Macau of any change of address. Air Macau will not be responsible due to wrong addresses for any loss or delay of mailed materials, nor for any resulting expiration of mileage.
4. If there is any abuse of "PhoenixMiles" free air awards or violation of these terms and conditions, including selling or exchanging mileage, providing false documents or evidence (e.g. false flight evidence), Air Macau retains the right to take any of the following measures: Demand compensation for any loss. Terminate membership. Cancel accumulated mileage. Demand that the member repay the cost of any Economy, Business or First Class tickets used, and that the member pay any associated lawyer and legal fees. In addition, Air Macau retains the right to take legal action against any member who violates any of these terms and conditions and to demand compensation or to terminate the member's participation in the frequent flyer program.
5. If any of these rules run counter to local governmental laws or regulations, the latter shall prevail.
6. This manual is also published in other languages in addition to the Chinese version; in case of any differences between the Chinese version and other versions, the Chinese version shall prevail.
7. Air Macau retains the right of cancellation, interpretation or implementation of the clauses and related procedures of these terms and conditions. Air Macau retains the right to final authority and interpretation in all situations.